Meet Our Lucky WedAlert Network iPad Giveaway Winner Katrina Lewinski of Michigan

Sep 11, 2013 by

Meet Our Lucky WedAlert Network iPad Giveaway Winner Katrina Lewinski of Michigan

Meet Our Lucky WedAlert Network iPad Giveaway Winner Katrina Lewinski of Michigan

When we told Katrina on Sept 1st 2013 that she was the lucky winner of WedAlert Networks Ipad mini Giveaway, she said.. “Thanks so much for the Ipad! We’re so excited to have won and it will be a much appreciated item as we make a home together.”

We all here at WedAlert would like to congratulate Katrina on winning our Ipad mini Giveaway. Visit WedAlert Networks Facebook Page and congratulate Katrina and Like Us… Who knows, you may be our next Ipad winner. Enter Now!

Our Next Ipad Drawing will be on Tuesday – December 31, 2013

Our Story

Jason and I actually went to the same high school. In spite of both of us being theater geeks, we never really talked.
Jason and I happen to have quite a few mutual friends, and we ended up “friending” one another on Facebook and started chatting there. We discovered that we share a lot of the same interests and also have that same crazy sense of humor. A couple of months later, a friend of ours threw an Independence Day party. We hit it off, and I told Jason to give me a call. A few days later we had our first date and couldn’t get enough of one another!

On the weekends, we would end up doing what we like to call “marathon dates.” It’s basically taking what would typically be 2, 3 or 4 dates for your average person, and doing all those date activities in a single day. We were having an absolute blast (and still are)! We got to know one another very well, very quickly. My first summer with Jason was the best summer I had had in a very long time! We have the best dates, and usually end up laughing our way through half of them. I think we both knew that this was something special pretty early on.

The Proposal

Jason and I had already talked about getting married and we had gone ring shopping as well, but I was still surprised when he proposed. He bought the ring from one of my mom’s best friends, who works in a great little jewelry store, so I thought I would be clued in, but my mom kept her lips sealed.

Jason took me to the Toledo Botanical Gardens. We made our way through most of the gardens, and an art fair taking place that day, and then stopped in the Shade Garden. In the Shade Garden, we sat down on a bench next to a pond. There was a band there for the art fair, playing romantic music. Jason told me that he was excited to spend the rest of his life with me (something we said to one another since we had started talking about marriage), and then he pulled out a ring box and said, “…so I guess I should make it official. Will you marry me?” I started crying and said yes at least 10 times. A butterfly flew by us right after. It was perfect.

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